EMDR Consultation

Katherine is a Consultant-in-Training with EMDRIA. She is arranging group and individual consultation cohorts starting in Fall 2024. for therapists who have completed Basic Training and want to go the next step and earn Certification through EMDRIA.

Reach out for a robust group experience, learning from colleagues applying EMDR in their own settings. Reach out to get on the waiting list for the next cohort here.

EMDRIA EMDR Certified Therapist CredentialEMDRIA EMDR Certified Therapist Credential

License Supervision

Supervision for licensure provides social workers and counselors with the necessary guidance and support to develop their skills and knowledge in the field. Through regular meetings with an experienced supervisor, aspiring professionals can receive feedback on their practice, reflect on their strengths and areas for growth, and enhance their understanding of ethical and legal principles. Supervision also offers a safe space for discussing challenging cases and exploring different intervention strategies. It promotes professional accountability and ensures that practitioners adhere to the highest standards of care. Additionally, supervision facilitates the integration of theoretical concepts into practical application, fostering a holistic and client-centered approach. Overall, this process plays a vital role in shaping competent and compassionate social workers and counselors who can effectively meet the needs of their clients.

The Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health has approved our supervision for clinical counselors. The Board of Social Work has approved us for Clinical and Non-clinical license supervision.

Katherine has provided license supervision to social workers and professional clinical counselors for nearly a decade. She sought supervision outside of her place of employment as well, knowing the value of an outside perspective. Clinicians must continually reflect on their own well-being and responses to the work they do with clients. In a safe, nurturing supervisory relationship, clinicians can become the healers they seek to be. Each year she takes on a small cohort of Clinical Social Workers and candidates for licensure as Professional Clinical Counselors for license supervision. Reach out to get on the waiting list for the next cohort here.

person holding compass selective focus photography
person holding compass selective focus photography